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Who we are

We are a family company, with headquarters in Barcelos, northern Portugal, and we dedicate a part of our life to making sportswear apparel. With the best certification in the world: Our clients! We are a garment manufacturer, supplying since start ups until top brands worldwide.

When we start some project with some client, we can following our Clients' specifications or we can suggest and be a consultant to any needs. We can design, study, sample, cost & price, and then manufacture, but we don't stop there, since 2019 we also deal all the logistic and e-fulfillment.

During these years our production lines have experienced innovation working with brands worldwide, making Lomartex a reputed destination where trust is valued in our team and shown through our work.

Normally we say anyone can buy machines but skill and savoir-faire remain priceless. We have one of the leading production lines in our region specializing in sportswear, cycling, athleisure and streetwear. Our advanced technical skills allow us to develop any kind of apparel regardless of the boundaries or complexities. Our employees are rich of experience with 15 or more within our company, making Lomartex a reference for not only the external market, but for other Textile Companies within Portugal that source us for some CMT productions.

The Perfect Client

In Lomartex we don't have type or categories of Client, everyone is equal for us, we are responsable to deal with a client in same way, be responsable and advise to create and develop your brand, by the that we can do.

We are manufacturers of dreams and stories, and this is possible with our team, we have a team to help you with services of design, sourcing, development, sample, construction, technical features, packaging, marketing and logistics.

The first step is send us all the information regarding your brand, include specs, pictures, target prices and information about your brand and future projects. We are a company that work with persons more than with brands, so we really love to know more about you and your toughts.

After we receive your information, you will be received by a Account Manager, that will help you in all your travel around our Textile world. This Account Manager, will inform you about our Terms and Conditions, and explain all the details, also will work on your develop with you, following all your requirements and doubts.

In Lomartex, we read a lot of emails everyday, and the question that everyone make, as a first questions is "what are you MOQ?", and for that reason we think that is more easy if we say it in our FAQ, Lomartex.

  • We require a minimum order quantity of 200 pieces per style (for traditional sew methods), and this quantity can be divided in any size, and at least 100 per color.
  • Seamless production we use a partner in Italy to produce «tubes» for us, and after, we finish here all the other steps. For this kind of production we have a MOQ of 500 pieces per Color and per SIZE.

Also note that in some MOQ we can raise that quantity under some stituations:

  • Division of colors will always depends on raw materials, respecting the MOQ of our suppliers;
  • When the MOQ/raw material and trims, are higher than the necessities for the production quantity;
  • When, during the production negociation, there is a necessity to reach a specific target-price lower than the price given;

Another question that we receive by email is "How many days do you need to make this possible?", obviously in any case, our team need to study the best lead-time for the production or development, based on the type of garment or on the number of styles. But we can give you an idea of that numbers:

  • For tradicional (sewn) garments we can offer production lead-times on avarage, of 4 to 5 weeks.
  • For garments with special finishings or bonded, we need slightly longer production times. Production leadtimes for these garments are, on avarage, of 5 to 6 weeks.
  • We require, on average, 8 to 10 working days for prototypes, after all necessary materials are in-house.